"I recommend everybody to arrange a demonstration"
st2hifiThe room is 9.8 m x 6.8 m. One side (behind photographer) comprises floor to ceiling double glass windows. Distance to sidewalls is 1.35 m and 1.15 m. Distance to rear wall on the left 2.1 m. There is a corridor behind the righthand side speakers. Listening position is in the middle of the room (where Trinnov microphone is situated). The Trinnov ST2hifi is paired with a Devialet D200 amplifier, Supra QUAD speaker cables and Martin Logan loudspeakers. Music from a NAS and mostly Spotify Premium is streamed by a Bluesound Node. 
The M.L. Montis are very good hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers with very little colouration. However, when switching on the Trinnov, the sound imaging becomes significantly more focussed. The observation was confirmed by several friends. To satisfy my curiosity, I ran the system with a set of old KEF 104.2 loudspeakers (dated 1986), but I had replaced the original tweeters with Thiel Accuton C25-06-12 tweeters. Nevertheless KEF speakers kept disappointing me with a muddled response and lack of speed. In conjunction with the Trinnov, the clarity of the upper-mid range improved significantly.
Adding the Trinnov ST2hifi to my system made a very significant improvement and I recommend everybody to arrange a demonstration, possibly at home, so you can experience the impact of this great HiFi tool yourself.